Trick Yourself

We all need that push to do what we don’t want to do or feel like doing. So, I have learned I have to trick myself.

5 Areas I’ve Trick Myself

  1. “I should really start reading that book.” The Trick: Just read the first 3 pages. You’ll most likely read a few pages more.
  2. “I’ve got to lose weight.” The Trick: Give yourself a 5lb Challenge. The hardest part about diets is starting & such a small goal like 5lbs is attainable. It’s not stressful feeling either. *I tried this with my sister and she lost 15lbs!
  3. “I don’t know if this ‘change’ is going to work.” The Trick: Tell yourself you will give it a year. Or 6 months. By saying this, you give yourself permission to relax and try “it” out. You don’t feel boxed in because you know you can change it in the near future.
  4. “I should stop looking at my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram so much.” The Trick: Remove the bookmark from your computer or sign out of each of the apps. Now it takes 2-3 steps to open them up so you check them significantly less times. Since making these changes, I check them 70% less than I used to. It’s just so darn easy to press those buttons several times an hour.
  5. “I need to get up earlier.” The Trick: Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. Do this for a week. Then up it in 5 minutes increments weekly till you get to the ideal time you want to get up.

We are lazy and knowing this is most of the battle. So I find that tricking myself helps me be a little less lazy and more brave to try new things or just do what I need to. And over time, we change ourselves for the better.


photo: unsplash:Chris Lawton

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