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Trick Yourself

We all need that push to do what we don’t want to do or feel like doing. So, I have learned I have to trick myself.

5 Areas I’ve Trick Myself

  1. “I should really start reading that book.” The Trick: Just read the first 3 pages. You’ll most likely read a few pages more.
  2. “I’ve got to lose weight.” The Trick: Give yourself a 5lb Challenge. The hardest part about diets is starting & such a small goal like 5lbs is attainable. It’s not stressful feeling either. *I tried this with my sister and she lost 15lbs!
  3. “I don’t know if this ‘change’ is going to work.” The Trick: Tell yourself you will give it a year. Or 6 months. By saying this, you give yourself permission to relax and try “it” out. You don’t feel boxed in because you know you can change it in the near future.
  4. “I should stop looking at my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram so much.” The Trick: Remove the bookmark from your computer or sign out of each of the apps. Now it takes 2-3 steps to open them up so you check them significantly less times. Since making these changes, I check them 70% less than I used to. It’s just so darn easy to press those buttons several times an hour.
  5. “I need to get up earlier.” The Trick: Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier. Do this for a week. Then up it in 5 minutes increments weekly till you get to the ideal time you want to get up.

We are lazy and knowing this is most of the battle. So I find that tricking myself helps me be a little less lazy and more brave to try new things or just do what I need to. And over time, we change ourselves for the better.


photo: unsplash:Chris Lawton

Let People Do Their Thing

stock photo mountain climber snow

At each stage in our lives we have the right to try out anything we want. Which means we have to allow the people in our lives that too, without our input.

Let me unpack this a bit.

In my 20’s I tried every diet from paleo to a vegan and all that lives in between. Now, in my 30’s, nothing is off limits and I eat everything in moderation. No labels, no rules.

BUT as we try out different diets or decide we want to learn ballroom dancing or whatever, our families tend to ride the waves of each new thing we try on. Sometimes they get annoyed but mostly they just go with it. And that is what we have to do for the people in our lives too.

So, instead of offering advice ( typically unsolicited) to our family and friends, especially our younger friends, just let them do their thing. Love people right where they are at. We all have the right to do what we want and see what works as we journey through each level of our lives.

Bonus: If we approach life this way, it will feel more freeing.

image: unsplash by Kalen Emsley

Everyday Computer Tips

The 1st slide of a Presentation in Google Slides

Presentation Link

I’m giving a presentation to a group of teachers on simple & useful computer tips to help them be less irritated and more productive.

Some topics we will be discussing:

  • Clean Links
  • Internet Search Tips
  • Google Suites
  • Chrome Bookmarks
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Reputable Sites
  • Wunderlist
  • Favorite Online Presentational Tools
  • And more!

Take a look and I hope you find a few tips useful as well.

Pit Yanker

Don't Just Stand there words on notepad

Being in Pittsville is not a good place to be. It takes us off our focus in life.

The extremely eye-opening article below will get in your face and make you realize that you are part of the reason you are in Pittsville and that you have the control to get out.

It really is a choice to not be miserable.

“You need to train people how to treat you.” by Jillfit

Excerpt from article:

When someone treats us in a way that we don’t like, we have a choice. We can feel bad for ourselves and go find other people to agree with us. OR we can take responsibility for setting the tone of the relationship. Not always the easiest thing to do because emotion gets in the way. And when we are emotional, we are also at our worst in terms of being able to see clearly. Emotions are valid, they are never wrong–but what I would challenge you to do is to RECOGNIZE an emotion as a trigger for YOU to do something differently and take responsibility for the future of the relationship–even in the face of feeling like it’s not your fault. And it’s not…really. And yet it is, because you have not yet established how the relationship should go. Many times we don’t know it even needs establishing UNTIL something happens that throw us. So, there’s really no blame to dish out–instead, it’s more to learn from the experience and move on in a positive way in the future.

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I Might Never Go to a Grocery Store Again!

Produce in basket


I have not stepped inside a grocery store in a month because of @shipt.

Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service. I have groceries delivered from Publix once a week through Shipt and I absolutely love it!

They just came to Orlando in September and as far as I can tell, they are a hit. I know I am smitten with them! heart

Why use them you ask? I mean, how lazy can we be? To have someone shop for our food now?

Well, how about any of the following reasons:

  1. When you or your kids are sick. Then no one has to go to the store just to get tissues or medicine. A shipt shopper will get what you need and you can rest at home.
  2. When you have a busy, stressful day at work and you can’t muster up the energy to go shopping, you can simply place an order with them.
  3. You order less takeout. I know when I am overly drained I end up ordering a pizza or takeout. But since I have someone shop for me, dinners are fun to make again. Gasp!
  4. Using them saves you money because there isn’t any impulse buying. You are no longer in the store and become weakened when you see that key lime pie!
  5. It helps saves your relationship with your kids.  You no longer have to drag them to the store and try to shop as they whine and cry about something they think they need at the store.

So, how much is it you ask? First, the groceries are a little more using the Shipt service. You may spend $5-8 more just using them. But that’s not much to have someone shop groceries for us!

Also, I choose to give my shopper a tip, but it’s not required. There is a membership for of $99 for the year and I think it’s worth it!

They offer a trial period so you can give them a try before signing up. Here is a link that gives you a $10 credit just to try it out. Check out the FAQ’s and a the quick video below for more info as well.

Let me know if you try them out. I know I Shipt them so much!


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Reading Fiction Can Help Us Empathize Better

Harry Potter Book Cover

In the article Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Still Read Fiction,  it stated that “fiction readers make great friends as they tend to be more aware of others’ emotions.”

I have found this to be true. It also talked about how kids who read the Harry Potter Books tend to be better people. It seems when kids can empathize with characters, it helps them better understand people and themselves. That’s pretty cool.

We took our love for the Harry Potter books one step further and added an educational aspect to it.

My hubby came up with ‘Vocabularis Profitus’ to encourage the kids to look up words they don’t know as they are reading and he would pay them $.50 each for each word. And $.10 cents more if they use that word to make a funny sentence. 

My son is up to $35!! We might want to put a cap on this activity. #CoolDad #MakeLearningFun 

Here is the PDF if you want to check it out and use it.

Happy fiction reading everyone!

Train Kids and Stop Blaming Technology for Bad Behavior

Mac Computer Screen, keyboard, mouse and iPad.

Ever play a card game or board game with your adult friends and someone gets really annoyed you made them lose?  Some perhaps even show their displeasure with colorful words.

I was once at a Christmas party and a guy got so mad that he didn’t get what he wanted during a white elephant gift game, he stormed out and left. Umm… adult tantrum.

Kids can do the same when they are playing board/video games together too. Emotions get very heightened when in competition mode. It happens to all of us.

BUT too many keep blaming electronics for their kids outbursts. Instead we need to do that parent thing where we talk to them about how the feelings they have are normal but teach them the right way to respond. Even do some role playing with them so they are more prepared.

I recently listened to a podcast that said screen time can cause brain malfunctioning, tantrums, addictions, that it stops the thoughts in kids heads or causes them to lose control of their bodies.

That is what you call fear mongering.

Teaching people to fear and restrict stuff is not the answer. Blaming is a distraction. It’s a lazy approach.

Parenting is just plain old hard work. And people have to level up to the responsibility they have and stop blaming electronics or anything else for their child’s behavior.

We have the greatest insight into how our kids think/feel because it’s just like ours. So, honestly thinking through how we ourselves would feel in the scenarios our kids find themselves will greatly impact how we respond and train them.  And that is how we will best help our kiddos.

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My 5 Simple Tips for Marriages to Stay Fresh and Not Expire

Picture of a couple in the mirror view of a car

After people divorce, why do they start going to the gym, or start taking that class they always wanted to, or start going out with friends more, etc.

They feel like they lost who they were during their marriage and now it’s finally their chance to do and be whatever they want.

BUT, hello, we can do those things while still married!

It boils down to this: We stop being individuals in our marriages.

These are my 5 tried and true marital tips so we thrive as individuals (and stay married!)

  1. Treat each other like individual people. We are individuals FIRST, then a spouse/parent.
  2. Have separate interests/things to do. This gives us stuff to talk about to each other. And being interesting is very attractive.
  3. Go to see movies separately sometimes. There is something exciting about waiting for your spouse to go see a movie you have already seen, just so you can talk to each other about it. Give it a try.
  4. Go for a weekend trips alone. That sends ourselves a message that we are separate individuals and it allows space without each other. We also have separate experiences, which makes us more interesting too.
  5. Put yourself in new, uncomfortable situations. Like go to a local event by yourself. Stretching ourselves in this area helps us to grow as individual people.

I guess you could say working on self-improvement is a gift to ourselves and our spouse. It’s a gift that keeps on giving too.

And dare I say, if we have those things going on in our marriage, we may feel like we are dating our spouses again.

Put yourself on the line, have experiences, be courageous with your life! And a thriving marriage will be a by-product.

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Do What You Want

Grown ass lady print from emily website

Living up to others expectations can feel like we are walking on eggs shells all the time. And we really can never make everyone happy, so I say, stop trying and do what you want.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to.”



Say What You Mean to Say

Brene Brown Be Brave Quote

It’s not impolite to disagree or have an opinion.

We think that by agreeing with others we are being nice.

Agreeing with people to be polite keeps us from being ourselves. No thank you.

Yes, it feels uncomfortable doing this at first, but practice makes progress.

SO, let’s step up and own up to the thoughts in our heads.