Too Legit to Quit

Pic of the Kraken

Is the Kraken real? Is it?!

In our latest computer class we went over how to determine the legitimacy of websites. Thanks to The Mozilla Learning Network, we had a fun lesson for class about whether the Kraken was real or not. Check out their Web Literacy section for more lessons.

A few things we can look for when determining if a site is legit or not:

  1. Questionable sites usually have a questionable URL, for example, probably is less reputable than a site with a person’s name/recognizable company name.
  2. A site with medical information with drug ads is less likely to be credible than a medical journal with the same information and no ads.
  3. Cross reference. Look up sites on other sites. Check them out on popular sites such as Twitter. People talk about the good and bad of sites.

Quick side note:  Because people search often for song lyrics and cheat codes for games, sites with song lyrics and game cheat codes often are scam sites. So, be careful.

Here are the slides to the class lesson. Have fun!

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