The Hour of Perseverance

google chrome dinosaur dino-404error

During the Hour of Code week I helped lead a team at a local middle school. Straight away we had technical issues. We couldn’t get on the network. So we couldn’t show any videos to the kids and they couldn’t play the puzzles for the hour of code. Basically the whole reason we all come together that day.

But that didn’t stop us. Three of us volunteers had our personal laptops with us so we used the hotspot from my phone and put those laptops on it. Then we split the classroom into 3 groups and had them work together through the games. It wasn’t ideal but they all did really great working together.

So, this became a teachable moment in class. Coding and technology will have issues and bugs but you will figure it out, eventually. And sometimes trying to figure out the workarounds proves to be better in the long run anyways!

It’s ok to have problems. It’s not ok to give up.

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