Take Your Time, Don’t Rush Through the Basics with Kids

2 kids on the sand at a beach

You have to crawl before you can walk. We’ve all heard that before. Why? It’s an important step for kids in their developmental process.

Same applies when kids are learning a brand new idea or concept, especially when it comes to coding concepts.

Recently I taught a class that went over the very basic structure of a website. It was so watered down, BUT the kids understood it so well that they asked very insightful questions throughout my presentation. I was stoked!

I know it is tempting to rush through the beginning steps though. But it is vital to camp out a little longer on the basics so a strong foundation is set. Then, as we add on more complex concepts, it will be less of a struggle for the kiddos.

In fact, dare I say, that they will enjoy creating even more since they have a firm grasp on the basics!

photo: unsplash

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