How Sharing Passions, Coding, and Treehouse Changed a Life

treehouse coding site showing on a laptop with coffee cup

“It’s amazing how crossing paths with you has totally changed my son’s trajectory in life.”

In January I met a gal, Mary, while staying at a local Bed and Breakfast. I love B&B’s because you basically are forced to have breakfast with the other guests. But I love that! Meeting new people and hearing their stories is the best!

Mary and I got to gabbing and I, of course, told her about one of my passions: Coding! That evening I saw her son, Joseph, who was a senior in high school, and I told him about coding and about one of my favorite coding sites, Treehouse.

He sounded pretty interested so I told him I would send him a couple other sites and tips about the world of coding.

About a week after meeting Mary she emailed me and said, “Joseph is LOVING Treehouse.  I’ve never seen him followup on suggestions like that with so much enthusiasm so I can’t thank you enough!!  Joseph is on Treehouse everyday.”

Last week I got another message from Mary saying  Joseph started college last week and that he was going into coding!  She thanked me again for the introduction to Treehouse as it was life changing for her son.

I am extremely humbled to have played a small role in Joseph’s life. The web development community will greatly benefit from this go-getter.

So get out there and share what you know. Share what you love. You just never know whose life you can enrich!

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