Reading Fiction Can Help Us Empathize Better

Harry Potter Book Cover

In the article Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Still Read Fiction,  it stated that “fiction readers make great friends as they tend to be more aware of others’ emotions.”

I have found this to be true. It also talked about how kids who read the Harry Potter Books tend to be better people. It seems when kids can empathize with characters, it helps them better understand people and themselves. That’s pretty cool.

We took our love for the Harry Potter books one step further and added an educational aspect to it.

My hubby came up with ‘Vocabularis Profitus’ to encourage the kids to look up words they don’t know as they are reading and he would pay them $.50 each for each word. And $.10 cents more if they use that word to make a funny sentence. 

My son is up to $35!! We might want to put a cap on this activity. #CoolDad #MakeLearningFun 

Here is the PDF if you want to check it out and use it.

Happy fiction reading everyone!

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