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I have 3 favorite tools that I typically use when I am putting together presentations. I have found using these to be the easiest and quickest ways to make awesome presentations, particularly for beginners. Best of all, they are all free to use.

Google Slides

Google Slides is easy to use for presentations. It’s extremely user friendly. You can add videos, move text and images so easily on each slide. If you see an image online you like, then you can just right click on it, hit copy, then go to your slide and hit paste and voilà, it’s there! It converts PowerPoint files to Google Slides and vice versa.

Sometimes when I need to put a few pictures and text together for a logo or a specific picture design, I lay it out in presentations and do a quick screenshot of it. Easy peasy. Oh and you can share your slide presentation with others too.


Pixlr is a free online web app that lets you edit photos. You can save them to your computer too. I’ll take a free stock photo from Unsplash (such beautiful pictures) and bring it into Pixlr and put a transparent box over it and put text over a background picture. I’ll link a video below showing an example. It also has a very similar interface to Photoshop, so people with experience with Photoshop will feel right at home.


On a Mac

  • Press  ⌘ + Shift + 4 to select a specific part on the page.
  • Your Mac then saves it as a file on the desktop. The file name will look like “Screenshot 2015-06-30 at 08.45.00 AM.png”  You can rename it.

Sometimes I just want to use part of a photo and not the whole thing. So I will use screen shot to select the area I want. I use this all the time, it is so handy.

On a PC

  • The shortcut is to Press Alt+Print Screen then use Paint to save the picture in the clipboard. OR nowadays PC’s come with a handy Snipping Tool.


I know there are other programs out there that have way more options but these suggestions are just for doing the simplest things for beginners.

Try them out and let me know what you think.


Here are 3 short, quick videos I put together to show examples of how I use these apps.


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