My Secret to Being More Focused


Have music on when being creative/working on a project.

BUT only put 4-5 songs in a playlist then press repeat. Those few songs become background noise, which allows for the real magic to happen.

Why just 4-5 songs? Because if you have a huge list on repeat, then you tend to listen for the next song and then sing it in your head, which distracts your thoughts/flow.

It’s a focus thing. By just having a few songs they eventually become background noise.

OR another favorite of mine is to use Pandora.

If you have a Pandora account, free of commercials, then you will want to create a station named Braveheart Film Score. That station plays some wicked awesome, inspiring scores from movies. It really helps get the juices flowing.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.






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