Let the Floors Be Covered With LEGO

Carpet floor with LEGO's all over

Yes, it is SO hard to let a mess like this exist in your home, but the benefits out weight the annoyance.

My sons room has looked like this for years. But he builds amazing creations ALL the time. Some creations just blow my mind with how detailed and complex they are.

My kid will build a LEGO creation based on a character from a game he plays, containers for things like pencils, pixel art, weapons from games, etc. He often has his laptop out with a picture on the screen as he replicates that with LEGO bricks.

LEGO bricks are like a bunch of little paint brushes. They are out all the time just waiting to be used and to help build the ideas that are in our kids imaginations.

So, it’s tough to walk by this mess everyday but since I see it as more of his creative studio, it makes it easier to live with.

Even though days can go by that he may not touch them, I still want them to be there for when he has an idea.

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