Let People Do Their Thing

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At each stage in our lives we have the right to try out anything we want. Which means we have to allow the people in our lives that too, without our input.

Let me unpack this a bit.

In my 20’s I tried every diet from paleo to a vegan and all that lives in between. Now, in my 30’s, nothing is off limits and I eat everything in moderation. No labels, no rules.

BUT as we try out different diets or decide we want to learn ballroom dancing or whatever, our families tend to ride the waves of each new thing we try on. Sometimes they get annoyed but mostly they just go with it. And that is what we have to do for the people in our lives too.

So, instead of offering advice ( typically unsolicited) to our family and friends, especially our younger friends, just let them do their thing. Love people right where they are at. We all have the right to do what we want and see what works as we journey through each level of our lives.

Bonus: If we approach life this way, it will feel more freeing.

image: unsplash by Kalen Emsley

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