Train Kids and Stop Blaming Technology for Bad Behavior

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Ever play a card game or board game with your adult friends and someone gets really annoyed you made them lose?  Some perhaps even show their displeasure with colorful words.

I was once at a Christmas party and a guy got so mad that he didn’t get what he wanted during a white elephant gift game, he stormed out and left. Umm… adult tantrum.

Kids can do the same when they are playing board/video games together too. Emotions get very heightened when in competition mode. It happens to all of us.

BUT too many keep blaming electronics for their kids outbursts. Instead we need to do that parent thing where we talk to them about how the feelings they have are normal but teach them the right way to respond. Even do some role playing with them so they are more prepared.

I recently listened to a podcast that said screen time can cause brain malfunctioning, tantrums, addictions, that it stops the thoughts in kids heads or causes them to lose control of their bodies.

That is what you call fear mongering.

Teaching people to fear and restrict stuff is not the answer. Blaming is a distraction. It’s a lazy approach.

Parenting is just plain old hard work. And people have to level up to the responsibility they have and stop blaming electronics or anything else for their child’s behavior.

We have the greatest insight into how our kids think/feel because it’s just like ours. So, honestly thinking through how we ourselves would feel in the scenarios our kids find themselves will greatly impact how we respond and train them.  And that is how we will best help our kiddos.

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