Kids Are the Most Amazing People

2 little girls hugging under a tree

Kids are micro managed too much. They have too many expectations from their parents. We as parents see our kids as a reflection of us, so we don’t want to be seen badly. Well, we need to get over that for the sake of our kids.

Forget what others want for our kids and how they want them to be.

Our kids show us everyday what they love to do and the things that interest them. We just need to pay attention. Hone into our kids. Sit with them and listen. They will show us what they are really into and are excited about, without even telling us.

We gotta stop boxing them in or their growth can be stunted.

I think kids are the most amazing people. They are at times too honest, non-judgemental  and give love unconditionally.

But we gotta remove unnecessary expectations and get out of their way. Raising kids is a process that requires trust and change along the way. It’s not about us and what we want. All we should want is for our kids is to do and be what they love.  Period.

We can help steer their passions and fuel their desires. It starts with just simply seeing them as people and seeing this amazing opportunity we have to mentor and shape who they already are.

It’s a ridiculously awesome job if you ask me!


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