Computer Science

Computer Shortcuts

June 2014 I was looking for a computer class for my kids to join where they could learn computer stuff with other like minded kids.

I couldn’t find one. So I started one.

I chose computer science because I think it’s super important that kids learn computer science/programming concepts/logical thinking.

The class rundown:

  1. Show a silly, fun, sometimes educational video. Such as Kid President, Ok Go, or Brain Pop.
  2. Teach ONE concept per class. I present some slides that discuss topics such as computer hardware/software, how the Internet works, Binary, etc.
  3. Give at least 45 minutes of free time to them to do whatever they want on their computers. They show each other their favorite games and chat. It’s where the magic happens – for real.

My favorite part of the class is how the kids help each other. It’s so rewarding to watch.

Check out the lessons page for class resources.

Here are some fun videos we show at the beginning of classes.


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