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 My 3 Favorite Beginner Resources

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Brain Pop

One of my favorites sites of all time is Brain Pop. It explains super hard concepts simply.

Cruise on over there and watch how you can program a robot to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


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Angry Birds Maze

Next, try out this easy maze from Your goal is to get the angry bird to the piggie by using logical command blocks.

Have your kids try it with you. It starts to get harder towards the end of the levels. It messes with your mind a little.




And last but not least, Scratch. It is a a free programming adventure.  Just sign up for the free account and go through the quick steps to get started.

After that, just let your kids go crazy on this site. They will amaze you. You can purchase the Scratch book if you would (and should) want to go deeper. It has 9 step by step projects for you to try out.

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