Holly Akers at a Starbucks


 Four things you should know about me:

  1. I like to read through job descriptions.  I just love to see all the stuff people do at their jobs.
  2. I’m pretty good at handling issues on the spot & figuring out what to do. It’s like a love – hate relationship.
  3. I am a Tinkerer. I organize & plan events, volunteer in my community, teach kids & adults simple computer tips, participate in meetups, support my friends in various ways, go to scotch tastings, and read a ton of mind-fu books to be as self-aware as possible so I get out of my own way.
  4. I am totally in love with Orlando. It is truly the most welcoming place. Some of the coolest people I know live here.

Thanks for stopping by! kissing_heart

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Lori

    Holly girl, I love the real rawness you put out there. So many times we allow our selves the poor me victim because if we had to bust the MMA on our selves we would be shocked and appalled that we truly play a roll in our own misery. Praise God for His love and insight. May your journey inspire others to bust the rear naked choke hold on there own lives!

    1. Holly Post author

      SO good to hear from you! I actually don’t know anything about MMA- so I am guessing that is a type of move!

  2. MaranathaMom

    Way to go girl! It’s so important that we are vulnerable and real about our weaknesses and that we share with others the hope that we have, just as God as comforted us (sorry, that was a crazy thrown together mess of a few different verses). I’m so glad you have this outlet to share what is on your heart so that you can bless others! I have been thinking of blogging again, so thank you for the little boost of inspiration and motivation. Love and miss you, friend!

  3. Michelle

    I haven’t browsed your website in a while, and when I hit this page I thought “Hey, that picture of Holly looks great! Wait a minute, it kink of looks familiar too!”. It is cropped from the day we had our breakfast outing? If not, you wore the same shirt the day we went as I looked back at my pics. 😉


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