5 Core Tips When Teaching A Kids Coding Class

HTML tags making a box

1) Give the kids a voice right away in class.

Have them say their name & their favorite game they like to play. You can give them each a piece of candy after each of their intros (or throw balloons at them). It shows them this is a fun class and it’s really about them. AND they don’t care about us. That shouldn’t be a shocker. So, no long intro about yourself & the past 10 years of your life.

2) Go over the details of the program you are using.

Go over all the tools, workspace, features, buttons, etc before they start using it. This way when they start to use it, they won’t feel as intimidated. It’s like when we learn a new card game. If we know a few instructions or rules to the game then we feel less lost as we play for the 1st time.

Code.org workspace for Hour of Code


3) Go over one concept per slide.

Having too many ideas and stuff on class slides will lose them. Things will stick better with the kids if you have one idea per slide.


4) Show a clear visual of harder concepts like variables and give an example.

Having a small understanding of a new concept empowers the kids and makes them feel more connected to what they are doing.

Coding word: Variable shown as a picture


5) Talk to the kids not down to them.

Kids are people and when you talk to them with respect they will level up but you have to 1st.

I share more ideas on my site, so poke around a little. I also made a board with other kid coding resources.


photo 1: Mozilla
photo 2: Code.org
photo 3: Scratch Workbook

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